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Q. How often do I need to refill the water tank?

That depends. If you get regular rain, i.e., once per week, then hardly ever. If it rains only once per month or less, then you will need to top the tank up more often. Plants deplete water through transpiration (evaporation through the leaves), so as you plants grow larger, they use more water. Fruiting plants likely use more water than herbs. It is always good practice to check on your plants, and your water level, every few days.


To automate the process further, consider adding our Autofill Kit 

Q. How do I know when the tank needs more water?

There is an indicator light on the side of the control box, when this is on, the tank water is low.

Q. Can I put fertilizer in the water tank?

Absolutely. When using liquid fertilizers, simply measure and add accordingly. If it's granular, you will want to pre dissolve before adding. If you are growing multiple different plants, they may require different fertilizers. In this case, unless you are using a one fertilizer fits all, then we would suggest you supplement some plants independently. As with every type of gardening method, proper pH and ppm of nutrients should be monitored for the highest degree of success.


Q. What is the physical size of the tank?

35" (89cm) x35 (89cm) x5" (13cm)

Q. How much does the system weigh?

Empty of water, the igro weighs around 10lbs.

Q. If powered by solar, what if we have no sun for long periods? 

Even without direct sunlight, i.e. cloud cover, the solar PV will still drip charge the battery, and the battery is capable of running the pump for over a week (at factory settings), with zero charging. In the unlikely case of emergency power being needed, the solar panel is also supplied with a manual charging port. 


Q. How does it drain?

In the case of heavy rainfall, if overfill occurs, it will manually drain. For clean out, the system has a manual drain plug. Additionally, the system has a grow drain for growing plants that do not like to sit in water. 

See assembly video  

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